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Dugongs And Seadragons

Nov 12, 2020

Because it’s Halloween soon we are taking a short break in the adventures of the Cephalosquad to bring a tale of terror and tentacles in 1940s Scotland

It’s March 1940 and WW2 is starting to get underway. There has been a missive by the special intelligence service, section D that they need to set up a training facility for potential intelligence operatives. Our hero’s finally begin to get ahead of the competition in the team building exercises only to find a dramatic surprise while on survival training in the highland moors. 

Chris Parsons will be temporarily taking the Dugongs & Seadragons’ Game Master’s throne to run this Call of Chuthulhu adventure set in the 1940s (using the Achtung! Cthulhu rules by Mophidius games)

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