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Dugongs And Seadragons

Nov 1, 2020

For Halloween we have a special episode for our younger listeners, with some of our younger fans as players.

Granny Gayle runs the Crusaders' Custard, a fine eating establishment that has become overrun by a horde of a sweet-toothed pirates. She calls on her gang of young adventurers to help her get rid of this pesky plague of privateers.

The adventurers are Zippy Kawaii (played by Nadjia), Cassandra Waxmoon (played by Jasmin), Rock (played by Quil) and Sei (played by Beth). They are led by the wise Granny Gayle (played by Dugongs and Seadragons regular Frances Farabaugh).

The Dungeon Master is Josh Drew and the Producer/Editor is Erin Zeigler Anderson.

The music is by Kevin MacLeod and the special effects sounds are by Mike Koenig, Lisa Redfern & Mark DiAngelo.   

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